RIP blog :(

deleting this blog in 24 hours! » Follow my new blog if you haven’t already « :) Maow x


Sadly, I will be deleting this blog so please follow my other » blog «. It’s about fashion, music, Lana Del Rey, Alexa Chung, Arctic Monkeys, Miles Kane, and other groovy stuff. x maow

Anonymous asked:
hahaha nicki minaj :)

I’m glad you know.


people have to stop being so mean to Alexa on twitter! She’s not anorexic and she’s perfect the way she is, all of you hating on her because you’re obviously jealous, need to stop! Why do we always have to look at what’s wrong with people and never see the perfections instead? Alexa is so gorgeous and an amazing woman. She’s really skinny because she’s a model, DUH! So stop being jealous and bitchy… STOP THE H8!

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